Friday, November 28, 2008


I really like the various languages of this world. Not that I know too many-just a handful. But still I have always been more fascinated by words than pictures.
Even while choosing greeting cards I first look at the wordings rather than the pictures. A beautiful description of a dress or a delicious dessert attracts me more than a photo of the same would. Why? Maybe my mind adds some personal touches and imagines it more vividly and customizes according to what I want to see?!?
After all most times in life we really see only what we want to see isn’t it?
And agreed that there are zillions of words floating around in this world- half of which we are not even aware of! Words can heal or steal, they can create joy and laughter as well as sadness and sorrow, they can make or break, they have the power to shatter and destroy or the power to create and change. Some of the words that were spoken to you or by you could stay with you forever.

But for some time now I have been wondering....
Are there enough words in any language to describe everything?
Can every emotion that a person feels be captured in a word? Or can the meaning of a look or a sigh or a touch be conveyed through just words however articulate a person might be? Or for that matter are there words to name every relationship that we ever share in our lives?
There are words which might come close to describing some of the above but can a word ever really capture them truly and fully? I doubt it.

Maybe that’s why, sometimes when we so want to express something we are at a loss for words.
Maybe that’s why some of the most memorable and best moments of our lives are those spent in silence.
In articulate, meaningful, throbbing, vibrant and lively silence.


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