About Abstract Admissions

The Journey So Far...

Abstract Admissions started out in 2008, mainly as a way of penning down my thoughts. I've always been interested in writing but at first, this blog was only read my the author herself (C'est moi!). After a few months, I built up my courage, to share it with a few friends. And boy! Was I surprised by all the positive (mostly!) reactions!. So I gradually started blogging more; and when not blogging, dreaming about what to blog and how to blog.

Obviously now, I've became addicted to the all consuming power of blogging! Not a day passes by without checking both my Reader (for others' posts) and my own Dashboard, in the hope that someone would have left a comment. I bug and bully my friends to read my latest posts, in case they have missed it. Recently I've also started a Facebook page (If you'd like to join, see here. In fact, please do!) apart from joining a few blogger networks. I know I've been blogging for more than 3 years now, but I'm still learning! It has been quite fun so far!

What's In A Name?

Someone once asked me if Abstract Admissions was about schools and schooling! (Because of admissions I presume? Surely must have been an over-worked parent!). Well, I chose this name simply because, I admit that this blog contains a collection of myriad thoughts, opinions and recollections, which might not make sense individually, all the time to all the people. But viewed collectively, I believe that they blend harmoniously together, the whole somehow becoming a lot more meaningful and richer that the sum of it's parts. Much like a beautiful piece of an abstract art painting.

Guest Bloggers

Would you like to be a Guest Blogger for Abstract Admissions?

I welcome anyone who would like to become a guest blogger at Abstract Admissions. Guest Blogging is an excellent way to interact with the larger community of bloggers and I'm sure that both of us will enjoy the different perspectives that it brings! You can blog about anything as long as it maintains a public sense of decorum and send it to me. I will be glad to post it here under your name and with a link to your blog/website.

Would you like me to write a Guest Post at your blog/website?

I would love to! Just drop me a word!
You can see a sample here, here and here.

Comment Policy

Bouquets and brickbats, both are welcome, but please remember to be nice! I have zero tolerance for insulting, rude or otherwise demeaning comments and they will be promptly removed.

Copyright Policy

A final but important word!

All content on this blog, except when otherwise stated, is entirely my own. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of any material in this blog (abstractadmissions@blogspot.com) without prior approval of this blog's author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to abstractadmissions@blogspot.com, with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. The pictures are mostly not mine and I have provided the related acknowledgments wherever required. If you see your photo(s) here and do not want me to use them, please let me know and they shall be removed immediately. Thanks for your cooperation in eliminating plagiarism.


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