Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just a few silly questions.....

Why am I always confused?
Why do I always feel that I don’t have enough dresses-though I have a cupboard full?
Why do I hate apples when everyone else seems to adore?! (Yuck!)
Why is the sky sooo high?
Why can’t clouds be as soft and fluffy as they seem so that we could play cloud hopscotch?
Why is pink a girly colour?
Why do I always lose my hankies?
Why can’t all days be weekends?
Why do I think that the British accent is so cute? (Actually I know the answer to this-coz of Hugh Grant J)
Why are some people such insufferable fools?
Why do some people put incredible mokkai that you have to go Vadivelu style “same blood?!” (U can’t point at me now-this is my blog, I have every right to say anything, even if it is aruvai no.1!)
Why did Ramarajan always dress in bright violent colours?
Why should all good things come to an end? (Don’t tell me coz best things have to start happening-I am very much satisfied with the good one itself, thank you very much.)
Why did I quit Eng Lit and study engineering? (Something I will regret forever)
Why should everyone come first?
Why can’t I become a baby again?
Why does life always surprise you nastily with unexpected twists just when you are perfectly comfortable?
Why can’t I stop rambling like this on and on?! (STOP!)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Seruppu Sogam:-(

Shoulders squared, chin held high, eyes bright, I stepped off the escalator confidently - slid,skip,slide-balance! One moment I was the picture of the new age woman and then I was floundering to stand still :-( I glanced down at my sandals and there lay the culprit! The heel was broken.I managed to walk safely back to my place and sat thinking about my sad slipper saga.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I have never been lucky with footwear.Except when I was wearing canvas shoes to school, all other footwear have always betrayed me.My canvas shoes used to last for a couple of yrs though they decidedly looked dog eared at the end.But anything else? Couple of months is a big deal! Whether they are from high end stores like Metro, Bata or middle range like Khadims, Durable or Pondy bazaar, T.Nagar platform -all desert me in a couple of months. Sports shoes or peep toes or sandals or cut shoes- with/without straps or buckles or laces or wht not! Nope no use!
How did Cinderella manage to dance with glass slippers??!
And how do all those Salsa dancers prance around with those stilettos?!!

This lands me in the most uncomfortable and embarrassing situations- like when I am running to catch the bus. Suddenly am running in full speed and then am limping along as if I got a sudden attack of paralysis!
Or in the middle of a work day in office. And i need to borrow someone else's even to go to the loo!!!! Shucks!!

My neighbourhood cobbler must have earned his living coz of me.
And I earned everyone's wrath in my home-coz the shoe racks are so full of my shoes.I always keep backups there-knowing how undependable my shoes are!
Ithu pothathunnu comments vaera " Oh maasa maasam puthu seruppa?!! Nee kalakku ma!" @###$%%!!!!!!!!!!!
And this fateful story continues across continents! Shoes I got in UK, shoes I got in US-SAME!!!Gimme a break! What is the matterrrrr???? Scissor feet??! The way I walk?? Agreed I have a..er.. mmm.. how to I say it? Peculiar kind of walk??!!But that cant be cured! So am I doomed to buying 2 pairs of shoes every 2 months??? Boo Hoo!
The only ones which seem to last a little longer are the school girlish canvas shoes or the flippish flappish hawaii slippers-and am not wearing those!!!


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