Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Am Back!

Am Back!
I have come back-home sweet home!
After a hiatus of 9 months, here I am.
Chennai (as everything else in Life) has indeed changed.

It has been an eventful 9 months in the US of A for me.
Had a lot of fun, new experiences, some let downs and disappointments thrown in for balance, learnt new stuff-on the whole enjoyed myself and now have come away with a whole bunch of bittersweet memories.

Goodbyes to places I have grown accustomed to, things I have been used to and more importantly farewells to the wonderful people I have come to know and the different kinds of relationships I have shared with each one of them. People who have made me laugh and made me cry. People who have been there for me. People who have been as equally crazy as I am!!

Really want to write down a memoir for each of my fav person.
Memory has a funny way of fading and mutating with time.
I don’t want to wake up one day and struggle to remember all the beautiful times that I have spent with these people. (What if I get Alzhiemer’s or something??!!)

I was just thinking- off late my life seems to have a series of farewells, a quick succession of "Dunno if we will meet again"and " Hope we will meet again someday" .
The world is supposed to have become a smaller place-I do hope that is sooo true.
Because there are some people like P, S, V whom I seriously wish that I will get to be with again.
If I do, then I would be a very lucky gal!
So hope its just an Au revoir and not an Adieu folks!


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