Saturday, March 28, 2009

On News and Blah Blah....

Once upon a time, reading the newspaper everyday morning used to be a pleasant activity.
In fact, it was actually considered a good habit. Not only did it help you to be abreast of the worldly happenings but was recommended by many as a great way to also improve your English language skills.

But nowadays it seems like an exercise in pain to read the papers.
They are so full of commercial, catchy and sensationalized news.
Politicians hopping from one party to another and promising all sorts of ‘free’ offers for voters, crazy people doing some crazy stuff on the advise of equally crazy astrologers, youngsters stealing for partying, someone or the other either murdering or getting murdered in the name of religion, killings for the sake of honor and revenge, who is dating who in the tinsel world blah blah!
It really paints a bleak, pessimistic and gloomy picture of the world and only helps to increase my BP early in the morning!

Of course, here and there are a few glitters and glimmers, awards & recognitions for talents or about a Good Samaritan helping others-but these seem so few and far apart that they eventually get clouded out by all the hoopla on confusions and negativity.

Leaves me wondering if the world has become a worser place to live in, or if technology advancements are creating a heightened awareness of everything that is happening or if its just me looking at things pessimistically?!


  1. Which stupid newspaper are you reading....Dinakaran? May i suggest WSJ or nytimes.
    BTW what does BP stand for? BiPolar disorder or Boiling Point?

  2. @konquitsador: I dont read Dinakaran! I tried many different ones and almost all are same :-\
    And u can ask the docs in ur family for the expansion of BP ;-)


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