Saturday, January 23, 2010

"aar u fraam Indyaa madam??!"

There are lots of people who have asked me this question in the past few years.
Recent conversation between a cab driver and me:

Driver:"aar u fraam Indyaa madam??!"
D: Me aalso fraam Indya!!
M: Okay
D: U know Hindi?
M: No
D: English?
M: Yes
D: I Marathi fraam Mumbai. U?
M: Madras
D: Ohhhhh! Madarasiiii?!!
D: U warkinggg?
M: No, my husband is
D: Ohhhh!!! Kids?
M: No.
D: Oh firrst fiivee yearrs no kids, only husband wife no tension.
1 kid nooo tensionnn, 2 kid nooo tensionnn.
M: How many kids do you have?
D: Three! Fullll tensionnn!
M: Where is your wife?
D: Wife? In country. My wife veryyy verry heavy.
M: Oh, In India.
D: Yes yessss. Verryyy Heavvy and vveerryy sstrongg.
M: Hmm.
D: Not good veerryyy heeavyyyy.
M: …
D: New married?
M: Yes
D: New no tension, Husband come home all tension go.
Veryyyy happpyyy.
Nooo slleepinnn in nighhts. Only workkiinng harrd.
You sleepinng nights???
M: Um yes.
D: Verryy baddd. Now no sleepping. Only workingggg.
Thankfully I reached my destination before the conversation could go any further.


  1. Made me laugh out loudly.... Comedy laan ezhuthi kalakkira .... Keep it up...

  2. HAHA. This was really funny. :D
    The kinds of people you find in every walk of life... XD
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    You can access it here: The Tablet Revolutionary

  3. lolz- u from indya huh haha me also indya

  4. colloquial lingo,This was funny......well brought out.

  5. Thanks! Ur caricatures are amazing!

  6. so you worrrking in the night now :P

  7. @Chintan: Aaahh! No comments ;-)


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