Thursday, February 28, 2008


Had just taken the day off and was sitting at home doing nothing and so deceided to blog about Black- not about the movie Black but rather about about my favourite colour!
Black is popularly associated with the Devil and Dark Deeds. Afterall how many demonic witches and mean villains have we seen flaunting black! There are a lot of superstitions surrounding black- if a black cat crosses your path its bad luck, if you happen to see a totally black raven its supposed to signal sorrow, a black dot is supposed to ward off dhrishti etc! It seems there is even a ritual practiced in Palakkad for pregnant women, which involves the lady all dressed in black! In fact it usually symbolizes mystery and the unknown but for me it epitomizes simple elegance and confident style. Every time I go shopping I invariably choose some black dress or other at once - much to my mom’s consternation! She doesnt allow me to wear black on any auspicious occasion :-(
But seriously I believe that very few things could be more calming than gazing onto a black velvet night sky, studded with a thousand stars winking back at you and a shy moon playing peek-a-boo!
Black looks black coz it absorbs all the light without reflecting anything back.
And also it’s the best heat emitter. Now try wearing black on a hot summer’s day! Whewwww!
Black has a lot of significance in the world. Everyone must have heard about Black Boxes and Black Holes.
But have you ever wondered why one of the highest belts awarded in Karate is the Black Belt?
Because in Japan Black is considered as a sign of experience and wisdom!
In Hinduism, the much loved God Krishna was supposed to be black though he is depicted a shade of dark blue in pictures. And it is said that he was always surrounded by Gopikas! Afterall though India is obsessed with fair skin, the saying goes Tall, Dark & Handsome right?! I guess I should close this blog with the famous Tamizh song 'Karuputhan enaku pudicha colouruuuuu!!!"


  1. LOL!!!
    This is a surprise. Black happens to be my favorite color too. Superstitions is a thing of the past. The modern day guy doesn't give a damn about such things. Black is a truly amazing color...
    BTW, I don't compliment you too much... I just say what is a fact. You are worth not just those compliments, but a lot more. Sometimes we fall short of words, when we need them the most, this is one such situation. :)

  2. Hmm..Karuputhan enakkum pudicha colouruuuuu!!!

    I totally empathised with you about your mom,since after I've chosen my n th black dress my mom started suspecting that i might be color blind . He Hee..

    P.S: When I hear that someone has taken a day off and sitting at home doing nothing,it is indeed a BLACK day for me,sitting in office :-)

  3. Karuppu pudicha colour eh irukalaam... but beware summer's just around the corner :D

  4. That was good stuff Anne. Having a creative edge; that was the last thing I thought you wud have ;) 'Black' is the color of Universe, from which we all took birth. 'Black' is what defines my name; all the more reason for me to like it! ;) Keep goin! I think ur fans are waiting for ur next blog!


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