Friday, April 11, 2008

Nothing At All!

Well its been a loonngg time since I blogged anything – was just a little caught up with work and moving across continents et al.
And since I got such great feedback from everyone I really thought that I better write one soon if I don’t want ppl to forget me!
So here I am. But the tough part is to choose what to blog about. Hmmm let me seee….
The latest movie I saw? Though I liked it, considering the fact that it was released in 1989, I better skip that. Incidentally the movie was When Harry Met Sally- almost 20 yrs bck I suppose!
Next topic- The latest book I read? The Godfather- written sometime in the 70’s?! Looks like I am doing a lot of catching up nowadays! Next pls!
My latest trip? That was to Washington DC for the National Cherry Blossom festival. It was beautiful. The whole place was covered in pink and white blooms and really good.
Apart frm tht the usual White House, Capitol, Pentagon blah blah!
Come on this is not a travelogue- it’s a blog-move on!
So after much deliberation I thought oh let me write nothing. Nothing at all.
Then a brainwave struck me! Why not write about nothing at al??! In other words, or more specifically according to MS Word about zilch, naught, nil, nonentity!
Nothing as defined by wikipedia as the lack or absence of anything at all.
In fact its got a pretty interesting way of explaining the concept Do look it up.
For example, did you even think realize that the concept of nothing is so closely related to Nirvana??! Whew!

Nothing can actually mean a lot of things. Like when you have just fought with your buddy and there falls an ominous calm, you ask the person "what?" and he/she gives you a cold stare and says "Nothing" - Rest assured that the argument has not ended and will definitely continue pretty soon- sooner than you would expect, in fact! Or suppose your boss is givin you a lecture on one of his 'bright' ideas, and inside ur thinking 'censored for sensitive audiences' thoughts and he asks 'Any doubts?' , you could jus give a little shrug and say 'oh nothing boss! its perfect'- lets keep our fingers crossed and hope none of my bosses read this ;-) Or if your one of these kewl teenager types and jus dont have the patience to explain anything to anyone, you could give a contemptous flick of your head, raise a perfectly shaped eyebrow, give a 'God Save You For Being So Dumb' look and say 'Oh nothing! Forget it!' while chewing gum. Attitude, man!

Wow! U know wht? I never thought I could blabber so much about nothing at all!
After reading this, I do hope none of you would quote Ronan Keating/Alison Krauss and say to me, ‘You say it best, when you say nothing at all!!’



    P.S : Liked the Ronan Keating reference though :-))

  2. Anne... guess ur thinking a lot these days..hehehe..

    But as you said "Nothing" actually means a lot of things.. it might give u answers to some of the questions/doubts in ur mind..

    Now if someone tells me "Nothing" i know that there's definitely something! ;-)

  3. I know u could blabber this much and even more.... I ve heard u blabbering for 4 good years... anyways good imagination.... Vetti irukaratha azhagaa solli irukka....
    nalla irukku.....

  4. U say it best when u say NOTHING at all..on of my fav song :P


  5. @Sarah:Yes lovely song indeed ;-)

  6. hahaha! loved the boss and **censored thoughts** idea

  7. @confusedyuppie: I see you've been there too ;-)


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