Thursday, July 31, 2008

Introvert Introspection

I was having a chat with a friend of mine and was told very sincerely “If you don’t go to this event ppl will think that ur an introvert” OK. So??
I mean I need to be worried if ppl think that am a murderer. I need to be worried if ppl think that I’m a suicidal pyscho. But why in the world should I worry if ppl think that I am an introvert?? What is wrong with that??
So I googled this and whoa! So many articles on this!
Looks like all my fellow introverts face the same plight :-(
Why shouldn't one be an introvert?
Just because the ppl who get noticed most are extroverts, why view introversion as a shortcoming?
Why do introverts get labeled as anti social or mean or weird or loner or loser?
In fact many ppl have thought/think that am arrogant-simply coz I don’t prefer to open up soon or coz I don't mingle easily.
After all its just a matter of preference.

Just as I prefer chicken over fish, just as I prefer oranges over apples, I prefer to spend time with myself . I love to read, write, paint, cook, watch movies and a whole lot of other things which I enjoy doing by myself.
Mind you, I do have friends. A small group of special ppl and yes I do like to hang out with them too. But not every other day! I like travelling -once a month maybe. And I have absolutely no issues about going out by myself-either for a walk or for shopping- I enjoy my company. I like being alone with my thoughts. I’d rather be backstage than in the spotlight. Whats so bad about that?
I don’t feel bad that I am not mobbed by ppl always! I don’t feel sad to spend my weekends cozily at home! In fact I need it-otherwise I would just go crazy. I may feel lonely at times- but there are umpteen other reasons for that. I could feel lonely even with a group of people. Its not just coz I spend my time with myself.
Having friends, going out, socializing is important. I agree. But I also feel that spending time with yourself is equally important.

To quote from an article I read online by Brian Kim “Most introverts are well aware of all the social nuances, customs, and mannerisms when it comes to interacting with other people, but they simply don’t choose to socialize as much as extroverts, which makes it easy for extroverts to assume that introverts are not socially well adjusted.
Do introverts stay true to who they are and risk social alienation and isolation or do introverts conform and join the extroverted side, pretending to be somebody they’re not just to fit in?
Trying to “turn” an introverted person into an extroverted person is detrimental because it gives off a subtle suggestion that there is something wrong with them, hampering their self worth and esteem when there is absolutely nothing wrong in the first place.”
In fact, even I was surprised to know that there are quite a famous lot of introverts to cheer me up! Albert Einstein, Issac Newton, Charles Darwin, Julia Roberts, Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods!! Wow! Sounds good!!
The bottom line is Introverts are perfectly fine. We do not need to be fixed. Just let us be. We like the way we are.


  1. And guess what...the most definitive symptom of introversion is blogging.


  2. this shows how introvert you are.dont showcase yourself as nice girl. you seems to be like stubborn, and arrogant lady. change yourself.

  3. @Raghav: Yes I am arrogant and yes I am stubborn! Who said I was nice anyway??!! And I like the way I am!

  4. Hey Anne, was just browsing through ur blog and I was reminded of all our bus stop conversations!! Been ages! :)... As a fellow introvert, I applaud ur post, and agree with u word for word, syllable for syllable. Nobody understands our concept of spending time with ourselves!! I think it's a feat in itself to truly enjoy one's company without needing anybody else :)
    Cheers to us :P

  5. @Neeru
    Heyyy!! Ya loonng timee!
    Thanks ;-)


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