Friday, May 2, 2008

Dark Whispers

I drift,
All alone, dreary and desolate,
Amidst empty words and broken promises,
Forgotten deeds and shattered dreams.

Soothing words no longer whisper in my ears,
Hear the vultures call instead.
Gentle touches no longer caress me,
Instead, cruel hands drag me down.
Fate has surrendered me to Despair.

Thorns that bleed my heart and drink my soul,
I have found.
Thoughts that curse my mind and feed on my tears,
I am left with.
Will you smile, to hear me cry?
Will you laugh, to see me die?

Victim of situations,
Sacrifice, at the Altar of Society, I know not.
Oh Sweet Agony!
Leave me alone,
Give me peace…..
Let me sleep, forever.


  1. hmm...Kavithai ...

    But y so sad . Cheer up girl :-) !!!

  2. Loads of emotions being poured out. Seems like a lot is being hid behind your pretty smile.
    A lot of pain.
    A lot of hurt.
    A lot of sorrow.
    I hope you are ok Anne.
    Cheer up. Life's got its own sets of ups and downs.

  3. Hey ppl thanks for ur comments!
    But I got a lot of these 'Cheer Ups'!I think I have scared some of my dear friends :-)
    Jus coz I wrote this poem doesnt mean am goin 2 do something drastic or tht am down in the dumps!!
    Do ppl who write tragedies or those sad film songs kill themselves afterwards or something?!!
    Dont worry! Am as bright and happy as ever :-)And really glad that my poem reached out to you ppl ;-)

  4. Who are you fooling??? :P
    glad to know you are fine dear... :)
    Keep up the good work.
    I hope you are not trying to hide anything behind your sweet lil smile, princess.

  5. Hmmm... I didn't know that there was a "John Keats" within you.

    It takes much to make a person feel sober with a poem. Thats what your poem would do to whoever reads it.

    Also this was the best of your blogs :)

  6. Very heavy anne....


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