Tuesday, November 24, 2009


My latest addiction: Friends!
Nah, not my friends, but THE Friends-sitcom.

Ok I know I am wayyyy out of date but the truth was that I was never a big fan of TV. We didn’t take up a cable connection at home till I finished school, as my parents believed (as most parents do) that it would prove to be a major distraction to irresponsible kids such as ‘moi’.
That left us only with Doordarshan, most of which was in Hindi anyway which I couldn’t understand.
So I much rather preferred to read and thus became a bookworm with big, thick glasses and to this day, can never really understand some people’s constant need to have the TV switched on at all times of the day

But recently, having a looottt of time on my hands, I just finished watching alllll the 10 seasons completely.
Whoa! They are soooo funny! Many of my friends used to be such big fans of Friends that they used to spend hours discussing some episode or the other.
And now I know why! I’ve even been dreaming Friends dreams!
My fav character: Ross-A sincerely geeky fellow!

And I also recently realized, I used to know a girl who we all thought was so cool. Turns out she has been imitating many of the mannerisms, language and style of the Friends characters.
C’mon gal, be atleast a lil original!

I’m so sad that there would no longer be any more new episodes shot.
But I guess it wouldn’t have made much sense to drag it on and on – as they do with the countless soaps.
Oh well… as the saying goes all good things should come to an end.

Meanwhile there are reruns and DVDs to watch whenever I need some cheering up :-)


  1. hey.. am reading ur blog for the first time!!!its very good..:)

    btw, friends is my fav too.. :) i think i like all the characters in it...:)


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