Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mamma Mia!

is such a charming movie!
Being an ABBA fan I already luuurrvvee all their songs. (Thanks to my friend Martin for introducing me to this)
Added to that, the picturesque locale of a bright, cheery, sun-dappled seaside island with sparkling azure waters reflecting a spotless sky, orangy-pink tinged, dreamy dawns and romantic dusks, a quaint little old Church on top of a cliff and the light, bubbly ambience of the film, not to mention, an exuberant Meryl Streep (OMG! How young is she@60?!?) It has easily become one of my fav movies :-)

On the contrary, just watched Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani a few days back. What a clich├ęd, boring movie :-( The lead pair looks attractive and watching Katrina Kaif gives me an inferiority complex, but that’s about it.
And seriously, does anyone sporting a beard, long brown hair and blue eyes become Jesus?!? Thank goodness that Ranbir Kapoor says “Jesus?!”-Else it would have been hard to guess really!

P.S: Yeahhh!!! They display English subtitles in theatres here. So I can follow Hindi movies without having to bug the person next to me for translations J Only problem is that I got to read, understand, figure out the jokes and then laugh-by that time everyone is already done with their laughing...
Oh well! It IS better than not comprehending anything at all.

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