Sunday, June 20, 2010

Trying Hard...

I tried so hard, not to become a cynic
And yet sometimes, I think I am forced to.

I tried so hard, to believe in the goodness of Man
And yet sometimes, people let me down.

I tried so hard, to keep my faith in Love
And yet sometimes, cowardice and deception were my rewards.

I tried so hard, to trust in Truth
And yet sometimes, Truth is merely Falsehood disguised.

I tried so hard, to give without fear
And yet sometimes, disappointment was what I got.

I tried so hard, to hold on
And yet sometimes, I just want to let go.

I tried so hard, to live without losing ‘Me’
And yet sometimes, I search for her and no traces I find.

I tried so hard, to fight back the tears,
And yet sometimes, they choke me tight.

I tried so hard, to keep smiling my pretty smile
And yet sometimes, it feels empty and shallow.

I tried so hard, to dream new dreams
And yet sometimes, they changed into nightmares.

I tried so hard, to be one with you
And yet sometimes, you hurt me so.

I tried so hard, to often stop the bleeding
And yet this time, it seems to be fatal.


  1. The best one from your repertoire. You bring out the sadness beautiful.

    Why is that happiness finds it difficult to make its way into poetry whereas sadness just walks right in.

  2. Thx Sid. I have often wondered the same too...

  3. Thank you for stopping by and for your kind comment Shveta!


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