Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The ME Experience

Weekends usually mean lots of lazing around, sleeping, watching TV and maybe some shopping for AJ and me. But this weekend was different.
A few weeks back we had been to Dubai to catch a movie. Since the show was not until late night, we decided on a whim to go to the St.Mary’s Church in Dubai. Whilst there, we noticed a poster announcing a ‘Marriage Encounter Weekend’ (No, not the kind of encounters where police and thugs and shooting are involved ;-)). We noted down the contact details and over the next few days signed up for it. And are we glad about that decision!

The weekend turned out to be quite interesting!
We were the youngest couple there, the ‘baby ME couple’ as they called us!
The two days are spent completely with one’s spouse with no outside interferences, influences or worries.
And contrary to popular belief, the world does not stop if you switch off your mobile phone and the sky does not collapse if you cut yourself off from the outside world for just a couple of days.

We stayed at a comfortable place; there was good food, lovely people and lotsa thinking to do! The ME Team Members are such gracious and loving people.
The ME Dubai Team is just a part of a dedicated Worldwide ME Group of volunteers, who unselfishly share so much with us.
Please don’t presume that one should attend this weekend only if your marriage is on the rocks – the ME Motto is ‘Making Good Marriages Great’. It is not just some senseless gyan. Anyone who would like to enhance and enrich their marriage can join in. It is open to people from all religions and all walks of Life. Check out their website: http://www.wwme.org/

I do not want to write too much and give away all the surprises!
But if you find an ME weekend taking place somewhere near you, please do make use of that opportunity. It will surely be a memorable weekend for both you and your partner!

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