Friday, March 11, 2011

Love to Travel + Love to Write = Travel Writing!

When I tell people that I am a freelance writer, many ask me “So are getting paid for that or is it just for fun?” I guess it really reflects the state of how most people view their jobs. You get paid for working not for having fun, right? Wrong!

If you know me then you also know that I enjoy writing as well as travelling. And now I found a wonderful way to club both together! Yep! I work as a freelance travel consultant/writer with a Bangalore based travel website called Mygola. It is a relatively new and pretty small company but I love it that I can work from home. And to answer the above question – I get paid AND I have fun! Isn’t that just great?! (Also I think that I can be a very knowledgeable geography teacher soon ;-))

Have you tried to google something and ended up with an avalanche of data which probably confused you and made you feel like you were searching for a needle in the haystack? Some people may not know the tricks for an effective online search, some might just not find it interesting to dig in and sift and sort thru all that information and yet some others might simply not have the time to do so. That is exactly where Mygola steps in.

Mygola is basically a travel website, where registered users can ask questions regarding their travel. And as a guide my job is to understand the traveler’s requirements, research online using the tools, tips and pointers that they provide, gather information and provide my suggestions and recommendations in a complete and thorough answer. What’s more I simply love the flexibility that Mygola offers me. I can choose any question that I would like to answer at anytime I wish to. Although once you have claimed a question you do need to answer it within 24 hours. There was a small test initially after which there were a couple of practice sessions and tutorials. After which I am all set :-)

So would any of you like to join the bandwagon? I must state here, that only if you like travelling and writing would you find this interesting and worth your efforts. If you do not like either, then chances are you may find it a little boring. But if anyone of you would like to give it a shot, you can do so by clicking here.
If you get selected then I get a bonus too! Yay ;-)

Okay so ciao! Am off to share my words of wisdom with a few travelers!

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  1. Interesting. How do you get to travel though? Does Mygola send you to places or do you make trips just to write?

  2. @BG: It is not like the travel articles that are published in newspapers etc. This is only a travel consultancy-so they don't sponsor your travel. You can either write from your own experiences or use their tools to track relevant info online. At then end of the day, your answer is to help out whoever has asked a question which could be anything from recommendations on flights, hotels, activities etc.


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