Saturday, February 11, 2012

The 10 Day 'You' Challenge: Day 9 – Nine Loves

Myself: Call me a narcissist, but I truly believe that we cannot love others completely unless we love ourselves first. Yes I have done loads of embarrassing stuff, I can look like something the dog dragged in at times and I can make your life hell if I wish to. But hey, otherwise I’m awesome!
Family: I grew up in a very isolated kind of family with not much contact with cousins or relatives. So when I say family, I always mean my immediate one. They are the cushion on which I can always fall back on.
Image source: marcos_bh
Friends: I have a very small, tight knit set of friends. Only a handful of them – but they brighten up my life a lot!

Image source: shezita
The husband: But of course! Is any further explanation even needed? I married him, didn’t I? I know, he falls under Family – but he also falls under Friends – so I just decided to give him his own exalted place.

My Work: How many people can truly say this? I can. Yay ;-)
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Reading books: My longest running hobby, which has morphed into one of the very few good habits that I have!
The beach: I consider myself lucky to not only have grown up in a city with a beach and but to be living in one such city too. The beach is a magical place for me. 

Image source: Ale_Paiva
Chocolate: Did someone say diamonds are a girl’s best friend? I beg to differ! 

Image source: kuvapankki
Sleeping:  Zzzzz!

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  1. Welcome back Anne...We share few of them. And, really not many can love their job...:)


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