Sunday, October 23, 2011

The 10 Day 'You' Challenge: Day 8 - Eight Fears

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Ghosts: Terribly afraid! In fact, even as I was writing this and searching for pics, my heart was racing!
Darkness: Probably connected with the above fear! Much like the infamous Boggart (Check out the link non-HP readers!), shadows start taking on suspicious shapes and menacing figures all around me in the dark! How did i manage to live all by myself for months together? No idea! My husband and I have had several fights on who turns off the lights at night every day (obviously it’s him ;-))
My loved ones dying: I love my life but I am not afraid to die as such although the thought of facing the loss of my near and dear ones, makes my heart grow cold.
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Manner of dying: As said, I’m not afraid to die. But if I have to I’d rather take the quickest possible route please. The worst fear is as I have mentioned here, my flight landing in the middle of the ocean and drowning :-(
 Getting bed-ridden/immobile: Be it at a young age due to some god forbidden accident or simply old age, I really don’t want to lie in a bed, depending on someone for every small need, however personal it might be. Given a choice, I would rather choose ethunasia.
Meeting new people: All ye introverts out there - I am one amongst you! I am pretty apprehensive of meeting anyone new, so much so that I'm often perceived to be rude, unfriendly or snobbish. (Although in some cases, this might actually be considered true ;-))

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Creepy-crawlies: Ewwww! Cockroaches, snakes, bugs, worms – all send a cold shiver down my spine. In one of the houses I lived in, slugs would regularly creep in at night into the kitchen through the back door. If you happen to go want a glass of water in the middle of the night, you’d better throw on your spectacles, switch on the lights and keep your senses alert for those slimy creatures!
All my teeth falling out too early: I brush, floss, use mouth wash as well as chew sugar-free gum. I am forever scared that my teeth are going bad and have even had horrible nightmares that they all fell out much too soon!


  1. Ugh, the creepy crawlies get to me too :|

  2. I guess this is one of those things where we don't share anything in common. I'm scared of snakes.

    And hey, what shape would the Boggart assume when it confronts you? I'm curious to know :)

  3. darkness - yes - totally. my imagination runs wild & i get scared some more

  4. Oh my! I knew that most of your fears would be similar to mine, but I never expected you to have the exact same fear regarding teeth!! I have had so many nightmares that my teeth are falling out! I envy those with pearly white teeth, especially when they take such little care and eat all the candies in the world ;)

  5. @PeeVee: Banish 'em all!

    @Ash: Ur a brave girl then :-) Well...I dunno...some weird, ghoulish, eerie thingy! Don't really want to think about it!

    @Sujatha: I guess both our electricity bills wld be quite high then!

    @Neeru: Lol! I knw what u mean! Maybe it's coz we had to wear braces and endure all tht horrible stuff :-(

  6. I am loving these Challenges.
    But, I fear Manner of dying,Getting bed-ridden/immobile..
    Otherwise I am quite brave ya! :-D

    Teeth falling out? Anne!! LOL.. Cannot even imagine you like that.. :)

  7. @Sahana: Hope no one ever has to!!!

  8. Yeah ghosts figure on my list too competing closely with the death of loved ones.. I wish I could conquer these fears -that would make me truly liberated! ( BTW I am scared of all reptiles)

  9. Except ghosts and darkness my fears run along the same as yours. My hates would include creepy crawlies.. ugh..!!! I am waiting for your post one 10 secrets.. That would be one difficult post for you and an interesting post for us.. ;)
    :) :)

  10. @Meera: Sigh! Me tooo!

    @Arpitha: Yeah me on vacation-so slow on writing!!

  11. Hmm.... Ghosts, darkness, death - Ok.. Teeth falling out? Lol :) had not considered that as fear till now.. I mean, its not that I have the most healthiest teeth.. Interesting :) But then, yeah it's something we should be afraid of, at least if we are very much fond of eating.. especially the hard solid food!!

  12. where are you??? its been 5 weeks. no new blog posts, no updates on FB! still in chennai or went back?

  13. @Sunil: Lol! I knw

    @Sujatha: Yep still alive! My vacation kinda got prolonged - am still in Chennai. Thts y the absence... I knw I really need to get back to blogging. Jus not finding the time! Hope to be back soon with something worthwhile! Hang in there!!!!!!!!!


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