Monday, April 28, 2008

Was last time The Last Time?

Recently I was feeling sad about how we hardly ever know whether it is the last time that we are doing something. For example, sometimes you think that you will never see a person again- but unexpectedly you bump into them somewhere when you least expect it. Or you may think that you will never come back to this place again- but surprise! Somehow fate leads you to the same place one fine day!

On the other hand, you would have done some stuff a thousand times and it eventually becomes so much of a routine that you don't even pause for a second to think 'What would I do if this is the last time that I can do this?'

But at the same time I think in one way this is better. I mean if we really knew the final time that something was happening, could we really be able to bear it? Like if you knew that you would never ever see a loved one again or that you would never walk again after this particular saunter or that this is your last day in this job of say 20 years and your going to be fired tomorrow- could we really handle that? I doubt it.Sometimes it is so much better not to know a lot of things!

The last time I gossiped and giggled with you, my friend,

I didnt think that it might be the last time- or maybe I would have laughed more?

The last time I hugged you, my mother,

I didn't think that it might be the last time- or maybe I would have held on tighter?

The last time I was fought with you, my brother,

I didn't think that it might be the last time- or maybe I would have forgiven you sooner?

The last time I walked with you, my father,

I didn't think that it might be the last time- or maybe I would have strolled longer?

The last time I ran in the rain and got thoroughly drenched,

The last time I had an ice cream, shivering on a cold winter day,

The last time I climbed a mountain and huffed and puffed all the way up,

The last time I saw the sun rise and paint the skies with streaks of dawn,

The last time I fell down fr0m my bicycle and scraped my knee,

The last time I played in the beach and went home all gritty and sandy

The last time I walked barefoot on wet grass and felt the dewdrops on my feet,

The last time I screamed myself hoarse to support my team,

The last time I smelt the intoxicating fragrance of soft white jasmine,

The last time I heard my grandma's lovingly old voice,

I didn't think that it might be the last time.

There are so many people in my life, whom I haven't met for a looongg time. The last time I met some of them, I never realised that I might not be seeing them again. In fact, I don't even know whether I will or wont! And there are so many things which I don't know if I will ever do again.

Suppose you come to know that you will become blind in 24 hrs, what are all the things and who are all the people whom you would want to see, one final time? Or suppose you come to know that you will become deaf? What and all and whom and all would you listen to? Or if you knew that you are going to be stricken dumb what all and to whom all would you speak? Or if you could never smell again, what all would you like to smell? Or touch, one final time?

Maybe we should appreciate Life more.


  1. This is really an abstract admission Anne. You should be think a lot to write on such topics. Keep up the good work.

  2. seem to be a big dreamer like Anne Shirley of AOGG. :-)

  3. Quite an impressive content Anne. Some of the feelings and situations you have mentioned above is very hard to imagine. Good job, keep blogging!

  4. Good one ....I liked the way uve concluded making the person who is reading to really feel what ur saying....Well written...keep up the good work...


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