Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Break Ke Baad...

No this is not a movie review. I just got back from a month long vacation!
Had a great time getting spoilt in India. But it feels good to be back here.
I was never actually a fan of long vacations and always used to start missing home after a few days. Whenever we returned home, the best thing was the cozy feeling of going to sleep in my own bed, on my own pillow with my own blanket wrapped snugly around me! Sigh! But of course, I never viewed vacations to India like that because I was always going home to India. But this time to my surprise I actually started missing my home back here! The travails of a married NRI woman! Now I am confused as to which to think of as home-parents' house, in-laws'home or this one where I currently am!?

Anyway let’s deal with that dilemma later. What I really intended to blog about was Oil Painting.

Back in school I was hardly ever interested in the Art & Craft classes (although I think it was mainly coz I didn’t like the teacher!) and always used to submit all assignments only on the last day.
But recently I got bitten by the Oil Painting bug! I was gifted an oil painting set by my team when I left my previous org. After a few months I decided to give it a shot. And once I started, I fell in love!
I didn’t really go for any classes but I did look up resources on the internet. There are a number of oil painting tutorials available online if anyone is interested. A word of warning though: oil painting can be very messy and smelly. Also they take a llooonnnggg (atleast 6 months) time to dry completely; though I find this aspect pretty helpful because it allows me to blend, change things or cover up any small mistakes on the canvas ;-) Additionally I can paint at my own leisurely pace without having to worry about it drying up anytime soon. Listening to some good music, humming along and painting all my cares away-my idea of a good time!

Since I am only an amateur artist who paints for nothing but her own pleasure, initially I was really hesitant to show my paintings to anyone (except my husband as I had no choice since we are living in the same house ;-)). But finally after much pushing and prodding, I mustered up the courage to gift a few and after some more encouragement, here I am-putting them up on my blog! Afterall if you have actually been reading all my crap all these days, surely you can stand seeing some more, right?! So here goes!

My very first painting: Sunset By The Cross

From Paintings

Go for a nature walk: Birches In The Meadow

Calm the Greek God of the Seas: Pacify Poseidon

From Paintings

Autumn Attractions: Fall Fantasy

From Paintings

The pride of Holland: Tulips

What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet - from Romeo & Juliet by Shakespeare

From Paintings

A Hawaiian Waterfall: Tropical Paradise

From Paintings

Birds of a feather, flock together: Squawk!

From Paintings

Thru rain & shine,
Lend me strong shoulders thine, O Companion

From Paintings

In Black & White: Colourblind

From Paintings

As the Phoenix rises from its ashes, so shall The Lord rise from the dead:
The Resurrection

Inspired after watching Shutter Island! The Lighthouse

And that is all I have done so far. Hope to paint some more!
Colourblind is my husband's favourite, The Resurrection was chosen by my uncle, The Lighthouse is for my mother-in-law and the Parrots is with one of my sis-in-laws! As for me, I love each and every one of my paintings equally. I know that some are good while others aren't, but still I like them warts and all!
So tell me, which is your favourite?


  1. Hi Anne,

    All the paintings are good, i liked the lighthouse and o companion specially though.... So which one of these two are forme :P


  2. @Prabhu: Y r u posting as anonymous?!
    As I said Lighthouse has been selected by my MIL-so nee Companion eduthukkalam ;-)

  3. @Brijesh: R u bck to blogging yet?!
    PS:Thanks :-)

  4. Lovely paintings! :) My favorites would be the first one, and Companion. For someone who has recently started to paint, your strokes are excellent! :)

  5. Thanks Neeru!
    Checking out acrylic painting now... although I must say that I like Oil better...I feel it is more forgiving and blends really well! I knw that you dabble in painting too-you shld also put them up :-)


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