Saturday, July 30, 2011

Totally Time-Pass Lists #1

'3 Not-So-Nice Things About Me Which You Did Not Ask For':

1. I am a very short tempered person always ready to blow my fuse at the slightest provocation. I personally believe that I have improved over the years although my husband probably wouldn’t agree – but then he did not know me back then!

2. I am very stubborn so much so that I can be irritatingly inflexible. Once someone who was totally exasperated with me said, that every person is as flexible as their thumb. Try bending just your thumb backwards, towards your wrist. If it bends a decent amount then you are supposed to be adaptable. I have no idea if this is true and in fact I doubt it but my thumb doesn’t bend that much at all.

3. I do not like surprises. Whether it is a surprise party, surprise visits or even a surprise gift. I actually gave my husband a list of presents that I would like to receive and he is supposed to choose from that list only.

Just so you don’t think that I am meanie and before you go around feeling sorry for my husband’s misfortune, here are '3 Nice Things About Me Which You Did Not Ask For':

1. I am very loyal. Family or friends I always go to their defence if they are put down by anyone else.

2. I am also very sincere. Work or relationships, if I do anything without sincerity it irks my conscience a lot.

3. I don’t carry tales. I may indulge in gossip a little (Cmon! I am a girl!) but if someone has said something that I know would hurt or offend someone else (believe me, it happens lots of times!), then I am very careful as to not to let them know.

So why did I make this list? Well, no reason except that my husband is out at an office party and I have nothing better to do :-)
I am sure all of you have many better things to do, but still it sure would be interesting to read your lists too!

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  1. I think our lists will end up being similar! ;). My temper is volatile, and I can be stubborn as well! But you don't even like surprise parties? :). I love only pleasant surprises, though!

  2. @Neeru: Well say suppose the surprise party is at my home-then I wld be worried "Oh god! I didn't hide my dirty laundry" or " Haven't swept the house for days! These ppl wld think tht I'm a lousy woman!". Or even if it is somewhre else, I might think "Cha! If only someone had told me about a party, I would have dressed up better!" or something like that! I like to be prepared!!


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