Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wednesday Wishlist #2: Swimming

I am a Piscean. Although, even after pouring over Linda Goodman’s books, the case whether I match up to all the Piscean qualities is open to debate, I still do belong to the Water sign. (Don’t get me started on the whole Zodiac-shifting-new sun-sign thing now please.) For the most part of my life, I have lived somewhat near to one beach or the other. I love going to the beach, love the cool breeze ruffling my hair and the lulling sound of the gushing waves and I love wetting my feet too. I think beaches are beautiful, serene and calming. So then, isn’t it a pity, that I haven’t learnt to swim yet?

Countless number of times, I have wished I could swim. Currently I live in an apartment in the desert (!) and even in Chennai, where I grew up, summers coupled with frequent power cuts are scorching enough. How jealous am I to see people going for a refreshing swim! Of course, I can go and stand in the wading pool and lamely look around - but how can it even come close to actually letting the water swirl around and envelop you, while you remain in total control of your body and your breathing!

So why haven’t I learnt to swim yet? I really don’t know. I tried a couple of times but I am simply terrified. I invariably panic and splutter and blubber and hold on for dear life to whichever poor soul is near me or to the walls/railings. And I hear that the most important point to learn swimming is not to panic. Sigh!

I am not afraid of flying (No silly, I haven't gone mad - I meant in a plane of course.) as such, but I have this irrational fear lurking within me, of flying over water. I always imagine the plane crashing and landing in water and me slowly drowning into the dark depths of the oceans. Okay, okay, I do realize that even if a person knows respectable swimming, he/she is also probably going to meet the same fate - as swimming in the ocean and swimming in the pool are two totally different things. But still!

Also what if I land up in a situation like Julia Roberts in Sleeping With The Enemy? (Hehe! AJ ut?!) Swimming would definitely come in handy, wouldn’t it ;-)

So on the Wishlist for this Wednesday: I wish that I knew to swim!

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  1. I wish I could say something different than - Me too! Again! My school has a huge pool and swimming classes were mandatory, but the instructors were so horrible, I dropped out. I need a really really patient teacher. And since I'm a water sign too (and refuse to listen to the new zodiac shifting nonsense), it's a pity I can't swim! We went snorkeling recently, and how I craved to go near the reefs and touch and play with all the colorful fish! But no, I was stuck in the shallow part of the ocean - near the shores ;). Pathetic :).

  2. Wow really!? I know that PSBB has swimming classes so while writing this I actually thought that you would probably be knowing how to swim!! I also want to go snorkeling some day and whenever I think of it, my first thought is "Well How am I going to do that without knowing swimming!"

  3. Even I've been wanting to learn to swim, For a long time now. Cheers :).

  4. @Ash: Let's hope we will someday soon!


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