Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Adding A Pinch Of Spice To Our Lives!

Image Source: Show Me The Curry

I have already written about my interest in watching cookery shows here. And I had also mentioned that Show Me The Curry was one of my favourite shows.

So understandably, you can imagine how excited I was to interview the two lovely ladies, Hetal & Anuja of this very show! It felt like a fan getting an opportunity to talk to his/her favourite star! The interview went very well and if you are interested, head over to Women's Web to read about it there.


  1. Yay. First to comment ;)

    I like cookery shows where they use simple ingredients and simple ways of doing things, which Chefs somehow try and complicate as much possible. Was nice to read that they don't use fancy terms.

    And, I liked what they said. "You will never know till you try". Even if it is not successful, at least we can be content, that we made an attempt.

    And thanks for your reply for My Open page article post, I was waiting for your reply :)

  2. Thanks Ash :-)

    Sorry abt the latteee comment on your post though - was kind of swamped with a lot of things - so couldn't follow up on blogs properly!

  3. lucky gal :) interviewing interesting peoplesss :))

    cookery shows & me dont gel well at all :(

  4. awww really?! I luurvvee them!

  5. Hi Anne,

    You may not remember me, but you had visited my blog once, but somehow I forgot to follow up on your blog,sorry about that, but boy am I glad I rediscovered you today, and am definitely gonna be a regular on your blog from now on...loved your writing...keep it up...gonna catch up on older posts...

  6. Hi Anjali I do remember you - I think we were both awarded by Sujatha at the same time na?

    Thanks for all your kind words and I hope that my blog won't disappoint you in the future :-)


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