Monday, September 5, 2011

On Teacher's Day...

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Teacher's Day was always celebrated with great enthusiasm and fan-fare back in school. No classes were held and we students put up plays or shows to entertain our teachers - for which we would have started rehearsing all by ourselves, weeks back! It was a day of fun for both the students and the teachers (hopefully they didn't get bored to death watching our shows!).

I think I got enamored by the field of English, Journalism/Writing simply because I had such fantastic English teachers. Although I was not a topper, generally my performance in studies used to be above-average. I was always interested in English as a subject, but from my 8th standard onwards, I found my ideas, essays and answers being well-appreciated by my English teachers. Seeing those stars and congratulatory stickers stuck on my answer sheets made me glow with happiness. And I guess that it was then that I started believing that I was actually good, if not great, at something.

I get so irritated when, on hearing that English was/is my favourite subject, some people remark, "Oh why because it was easy is it?!". Well, the answer is a big, fat NO. Firstly, in my school, we had quality English teachers - not people who simply made us learn everything by rote, but rather women who cared enough and were passionate enough to take the trouble to explain the intricacies of the language and who helped me realize, recognize and appreciate the beauty and depth of both prose and poetry. They took the time and effort to awaken a genuine interest in us. What can I say? They succeeded! I still remember my high-school English classes, poems and lessons we were taught, with fond memories and today I can confidently say that I have taken up Writing as a career, because of my awesome English teachers. To be more specific, two of the most loved English teachers were Ms.Nandini and Ms.Soans - I'm sure that no one who studied under them will ever forget them!

I was fortunate to be educated at one of the leading schools in Chennai. But there are so many young children who do not have access to basic education - thereby building their entire future on a rocky and unstable foundation. All teachers are always special for the role they play in shaping the dreams and ideals of future generations, but the teachers who reach out to such disadvantaged children, definitely deserve a special mention. This is a story of one such teacher - Mangal Madam, associated with an NGO called Colors. Head over to Women's Web to read my article on her here.

So who was your favourite teacher? What do you fondly recall about him/her? Please share with me! 


  1. i get that a lot too - 'English so easy' comments.
    on top of it, i did an MA in Literature. that's enough reason for people to think that that's why i blog ;((

  2. @Sujatha: I can understand! I did BA Lit for a month from a premier college in Chennai - then I was forbidden to continue as it was considered "useless" :-(
    And sometimes when I talk heart-felt about it ppl say "Oh u wanted to have an easy-going life!" Grrr!!!

  3. My father was a teacher. He spent most part of career in villages. He was so popular in one of the villages that when he was transferred the villagers protested in front of DEO's office and stopped his transfer. Today he is 80+ and sick; still when many old students come see him, we realize what a noble profession teaching is.

  4. Nice post on Teachers' day! My best teachers in school were English teachers as well - no surprise ;). Sometimes I hear them in my head when I find people taking the language for granted or when they blunder around in basic grammar :).

  5. @Hariharan: That is indeed great to hear! And he must also feel wonderful when old students remember him and visit him. Lovely!

    @Neeru: I knw! We were truly blessed :-)

  6. Read your article on "More than a Teacher". It was very nice :)

    And about English being easy, I get that too, But those people are not worth arguing, So I let it fall on deaf ears :)

    And True in my case also. If anyone says I can speak or write Proper English,All credits to my Wonderful English Teachers.

  7. MMP[hindi] and MSK[maths] high school teachers..legends actually in their fields.....and have a played a role in shaping me up when in high school...hats off:)

  8. my fav teacher too was our english teacher and my english tutor :)

  9. @Broca: Yep definitely! We are forever indebted to such noble souls.

    @Chintan: Same pinch!

  10. There should be some introspection. How many teachers are that sincere to give quality guidance to students? Very few really put in extra efforts to lift those students who are below average. Unfortunately, performance of the schools are gauged based on how many rank holders they produce.

  11. @Sibi: True-everyone are just caught up in the rat-race nowadays. In fact I am sure that many (not all) top ranking students today would not know things beyond the text book-because they were simply not taught to think beyond that. It is a pity indeed. As Einstein famously said "Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything one learned in school".


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