Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wednesday Wishlist #6: Travel the World!

P.S: I know today is Thursday, but yesterday was super crazy and so I couldn't put up this post on Wednesday!

Up until a few years back, I had not even ventured out of South India. Although we enjoyed vacations in the southern states, other parts of India and not to mention outside India were a mystery to me. Then I got lucky and was sent abroad for onsite assignments. And needless to say, I got bitten my the travel bug!

 The first country that I ever landed in outside of India was Dubai. I still remember lugging my luggage all alone through the never-ending Dubai Airport Terminals. Little did I know, that one day not so far away into the future, I would actually come and live here! (in Dubai I mean, not the airport!) Was the universe trying to send me a message? Who knows!

I wouldn’t really classify myself as a traveloholic. For one thing, I don’t really like to go to too offbeat or overly adventurous places which might require great physical exertion or survival in treacherous conditions – mainly because I really don’t think that I am that fit. Plus I don’t like to compromise on accommodation because to me a good place to stay is also part of a great holiday experience. So clearly I am not the kind of person that one might see in all those travel channels, replete with backpacks and shorts. Yes I like my comforts!

I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the different cultures and experiences I have been exposed to so far. I believe that travelling really expands your horizons and broadens your perspectives in life. Especially for someone like me, who led a totally sheltered life, it was a great learning experience, where I had to manage everything by myself. I would make sure to arrange a trip atleast once a month – and it was also a nice way to ward off any loneliness or home-sickness that one might feel in a foreign land.

My favourite place in the whole world is of course home, which is Chennai. But apart from that, according to me the most scenic and picturesque place that I have ever visited is Rhode Island. Sparkling, azure blue waters lapping away gently, rolling emerald green laws striking a vivid contrast, statuesque mansions looming majestically, white yachts bobbing up and down in the ocean far away and quaint lighthouses standing tall – wow I can still feel the sea breeze in my hair!

My most horrible vacation so far was a trip with my parents to Darjeeling. Not that Darjeeling wasn't good. But during our stay there was a sudden bandh and so we had to retreat to a small and sleepy town in the foothills called Siliguri. We couldn't advance our flight tickets and so were stuck in a dingy hotel room for a few days instead of prancing over lush hills. Pathetic!

I guess it’s obvious that I lean more towards natural beauty than man-made wonders, but I realize that man-made structures can also be breathtaking, as they bear testimony to the extent of talent, foresight, knowledge and potential that a human is capable of possessing.

Standing on top of the Empire State Building and looking out at New York, looking up at the lighted Eiffel Tower twinkling in the night, soaking in the charm of Goa, sailing in a house boat on the backwaters of Allepey, splashing in a mountain stream in Dindugal, trying not to get blown away in windy Chicago, visiting a Amish village in Harrisburgh, getting showered by pale pink cherry blossoms in DC, posing in front of the Hollywood sign in California, gambling away in Las Vegas, peering down the depths of the Grand Canyon, getting drenched by the spray of a roaring Niagara Falls, seeing Daffodils for the first time ever and bursting out into Wordsworth’s lines, riding a camel in the desert sands of Dubai, savouring the grandeur of the Taj Mahal on our Honeymoon, paragliding and skiing in Kulu Manali – every single trip has been special indeed. For me, every trip becomes memorable not only by the place itself, but also because of the people I was with and the lovely moments that I have shared with them.

I know that I have been fortunate to visit so many different places in this world. And yet, there are so many more places which I dream of visiting atleast once in my lifetime! So here is a list of a few such places on my travel wishlist: Starting from my mother country

Mumbai: I have heard so much about this resilient city and it is the only metro that I haven’t visited yet.

Image Courtesy: travelguidemumbai

Ladakh: Only recently did I discover this place when I was planning a trip for someone. Omg! So pristine! 

Image Courtesy: travelsulekha

Amritsar: One I have never been to a Gurudwara before but have always read about The Golden temple in GK class. Secondly I really want to see the Wagah border and the changing of the guards. It might probably be the closest I would ever come to even glimpsing Pakistan. 

Image Courtesy: tamarindtours
Andaman & Nicobar Islands: Always ready for beach vacations (except during tsunamis and cyclones!)

Image Courtesy: indialine
Conoor: I have been to Ooty & Kodaikanal but not to Conoor. I've heard that it is quite a captivating place indeed.

Image Courtesy: tamilnaduellamey

Now to places outside India:

Hawaii: Although I was in the US for some time, I never had a chance to go to Hawaii. Always wanted to experience the fun spirit of these islands. Mahalo, Mahalo!  

Image Courtesy:
EgyptOne word - Pyramids. Enough said.
Image Courtesy: shoreexcursions

Switzerland: Swiss chocolates and snow – any objections!?

Image Courtesy: ceoworld
Sri Lanka - Now that the civil unrest is over, hopefully someday soon, we could hop over to this tiny neighbour, with whom after all we have so much in common.

Image Coutesy: hellotravel

South-East Asian countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia. Mainly because I have heard a lot of stories from a lot of people who have visited these countries – and they are some of the cheapest foreign vacations to go to!
Image Courtesy: aycalifeclub

Image Courtesy: crystalinks
ChinaJust for the Great Wall! 

New Zealand: My friend Padma is the culprit behind this. She tempted me with all the beautiful pictures of this country! The natural beauty in this country is astounding.  A must!

Image Courtesy: breakaway

I see that I have left out 3 entire continents – Africa, Antarctica and South America. Well of course if an opportunity arises to travel to these places I wouldn’t refuse – but right now they are not really on my priority list!

So on this Wednesday Wishlist, I wish to travel the world!(or atleast many parts of it!)

What is your favourite place in the world? Which has been your most memorable vacation so far? Which is your dream destination? I would love to know!


  1. A wonderful wish list. :)

    I have never been to US of now...on the top of my list is Grand Canyon..

    I have seen quite a bit of Europe...and currently I am living in am already living my dream :D

    and Ladakh...and North East...I definitely want to go there...when I get the opportunity

  2. Hope your wish will come true soon Kunal!

  3. Ah, reading your post makes me feel so jealous. :D. Just kidding. That way Even I like to travel to new places. And on your wishlist, you could add Mauritius too.

    Good luck, Hope you cover all those places in your wishlist.

    I specifically like the part, where you shared thoughts about your bezt moments in travel. It was so nice to read. :)

  4. Lovely post - full of temptations! :). Ladakh, New Zealand, and Egypt are definitely on my list too. We recently went to Alaska, and wow, in summers, it is a gorgeous place!

  5. @Ash: ammava enaku drishti suthi poda solaraen ;-)
    Ya Mauritius - how did I leave that out!

    @Neeru: Wow really? I have heard ppl tlking abt Alaska trips and I always used to imagine vast tracts of ice deserts and wonder what is there to see... Interesting! Send me your trip pics if possible :-)

  6. Anne, why why did u do this to me???
    how could u??

    i am so so depressed, sad,miserable, unhappy, down in the dumps,.....

    the culprit is the below para

    """Standing on top of the Empire State Building and ................ skiing in Kulu Manali"""""""

    boohoooo boohoooo
    u have no idea to what level i can stoop only so i could travel
    check out this




  7. @Sujatha: Haha! Ur funny :-)
    Don't worry sweetie - u have all the time in the world. I am sure your dreams will come true too!


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