Thursday, October 13, 2011

The 10 Day 'You' Challenge: Day 5 - Five Foods

I am taking ‘Foods’ to be mean anything that we eat, be it solids, liquids and anything in between, healthy or otherwise! So here goes!
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Chocolate: Dark, brown, white  - absolutely no racial prejudices here – I love ‘em all! All shapes, all sizes, all flavours are welcome. Rich, gooey, tempting! Hmmmmm!

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Coffee: I like an occasional cup of tea but I am a Madras girl – how can I not love a tumbler of hot, frothy, aromatic Madras filter coffee?! But then I like coffee in ice cold shakes, lattes, ice creams, chocolates and the whole range. Only thing I don’t like is black coffee – that is a bit too much even for me!

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Chicken 65: I think I have already sung paeans to this spicy, crispy, yummy non-vegetarian delicacy here. Enough said. Okay enough with the "unhealthy" choices. Moving on to healthier ones.....

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Watermelon: My favourite fruit! In the summers, there are very few things which could possibly be more soothing than biting into a cool, sweet, refreshing piece of lusciously red watermelon. Slurp! Many people tell me, “What is there in watermelon? It is 70% just water!”. Which takes me to the next item on my list...

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Water: the elixir of life! When I am really thirsty, no cool drink or fruit juice or cola or soda or whatever  can ever satiate my thirst as well as water. Even if I have some juice, after I finish it, I always need some water to stop feeling thirsty. Ah! The simple pleasures of life! And the irony of it is that I love water but I live in the desert! Haha!


  1. Same pinch on chocolate, watermelon and water! ;).

  2. Hey we share so much in common. Chocolates, Chicken, water melons. wow. Nice to know, we've so much in common :)

  3. water? haha yeahh. i would hav gone for milkshakes :)
    watermelon - YESS
    coffee - nooooo

  4. @Neeru: I knew you won't be there for chicken and coffee ;-)

    @Ash: Haha! Then we shld never go out to eat together - we'll prolly end up fighting over the food ;-)

    @Sujatha: Lol! I know-I'm weird like that! No one is joining me for coffee :-(

  5. yayee..!! i'm a vegetarian so except chicken 65 i love all of them too.. same pinch there.. i too dont like black coffee..:( but i'm big lover of coffee.. :)

  6. @Arpitha: Yay! Finally a fellow coffee fan!

  7. Love them all. Especially coffee and chicken.


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