Friday, October 21, 2011

The 10 Day 'You' Challenge: Day 7 - Seven Wants

Health: No one will ever say that physically I am a strong person. True as it may be, luckily I have never been hospitalised so far for anything (touchwood!). Although I get some minor ailments like colds and headaches, I don’t fall really sick that often. As the saying goes, Health Is Wealth – so I definitely want to be in great health.

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Money: Well is there anybody who does not want money!? If only I had a never-ending supply of moolah! Sigh!

A Self-Cleaning Kitchen: You know all those kitchens/sets that they have on cooking shows? I wish I had a fully stocked kitchen equipped with all manners of useful gadgets, and which also takes care of all the washing up and cleaning chores! I really like cooking – it is only the associated cleaning and washing that deter me!

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Travel: Alllll over the world - in comfort and style ;-)

To Always Keep Learning: something new. Oh! There is so much to learn that I’m afraid a lifetime just isn’t enough!

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To Start A Cooking Blog: Would you read it?

To Excel In My Chosen Career: doing work that I love to do!


  1. I would read your cooking blog! I am sure people will read. Go ahead girl!

  2. Agree with the self-cleaning kitchen most of all! ;)

    Do start a cooking blog! You know I'll read it :)

  3. Even I want money and that too loads of it. And, I will read your food blog:)

  4. Thank you lovelies :-)
    Will start one soon!

  5. I would definitely read a cooking blog considering that I love cooking. Go ahead, and the health thing, I was an athlete but too much strenuous trekking has ruined my health. it's taking me a long time to try to get back, wish you all the best with that.

  6. self-cleaning kitchen - me too, me too!

  7. @Kofykat: Thanks! And I c u have some lovely recipes at your blog too :-)Good luck with ur health too sweetie!

    @Sujatha: Tell me about it!

  8. I will read your Cooking blogs as well :), And I would very much like to travel around, a lot and as you said, with comfort and style :).
    All down to earth and perfectly natural needs. Nice :)

  9. who would not read what you write?? I for one would.. :) :)
    I want self cleaning everything.. dresses, slippers etc. etc. ... :) :)


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