Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The 10 Day 'You' Challenge: Day 4 - Four Books

Hey who made up the rules for this anyway!? Could I just exchange 4 Books with 10 Secrets and write about 10 Books and 4 Secrets instead? No? Wahhh!
Also 4 Books what? 4 Books that made you laugh, made you cry or just made you want to tear out your hair?! I’ve been reading for years and years that it is totally unfair to ask me to pick just 4! There is just tooooo much choice available folks! Okay anyway, after much deliberation and consideration, here are my top 4 special books:
Gone With The Wind: by Margaret Mitchell. This was not difficult to choose really. This is one of my favourites. I’ve seen the movie too and that is also great.  Set amidst the American Civil War, I guess what I like most about Gone With The Wind, is that the heroine, Scarlett is not a regular heroine at all. She is almost like an anti-heroine – selfish, wicked, stubborn and bold. And yet her courage, strength and determination during trying circumstances cannot be missed. The book has all the elements of a love story – war, a beautiful and rich young woman, a rugged, irreverent and handsome young man and circumstances that bring them together, their passions and desires. But I feel that Gone With The Wind is much more than just a simple love story.  My favourite quote from this book is the very last line “After all... tomorrow is another day.”

Tell Me Your Dreams: by Sidney Sheldon.  *Pop Goes The Weasel* When I was read this book years back, I had no idea about Multiple Personality Disorder. Hence I least expected the twists. After reading this book, any other MPD movie that I saw, failed to impress me much. I think it is easily one of Sheldon’s best works.

Harry Potter: by J.K.Rowling. Need I even say more? (Okay technically I know that this is not 1 book but cmon!)

The Diary Of Of A Young Girl: by Anne Frank. I read this book a long time back but it has always stayed with me. It broke my heart to read the journal entries of this young girl, who held so much promise and hope – all to be shattered in a horrible concentration camp. To me it is a story that took place somewhere to someone at some point in time. But to the poor little girl hiding from the Nazis, holed up in a basement with her family, fearing for their lives, this nightmare was everyday life. This diary is a terrible indicator of how cruel and senseless man can be. There is really nothing more to say.


  1. i too think its unfair to ask for 4 books when u can give a list of 100s.. nd i too ws thinkin abt takin up this challenge( the only challengin part being writin 10 secrets) nd plannin to bunch the whole harry potter series into one book.. i've not read gone with d wind.. i feel the same way abt tell me ur dreams.. amazin novel..

  2. Seriously, Tell me your dreams is a masterpiece on MPD. Harry Porter series and The Diary of young girl is a must read for book lovers. You have a great taste!!!


  3. Tell me your dreams. ANd HP fan forever. :)

    You are tagged here, Enjoy :)

  4. yet to read Harry Potter or even watch the movie. no, havent read or watched a single one of the series!

    Anne's Diary moved me, years ago in high school, when i read it. i have a thing for literature of the WW & every line of what happened then breaks my heart

  5. @Arpitha: I knw! Exactly!
    @Saru: Thanks Saru! Glad u like them too :-)
    @Ash: Thank you sooooo much! Will get around to answering it soon :-)
    @Sujatha:Why Sujatha!!? Why?!Why u do like this!! Atleast for Tan's sake - u HAVE to read HP!

    Yes WW literature is truly moving.


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