Friday, October 7, 2011

An Award And A Tag

Yayyy :-) Got my second "One Lovely Blog" award from Arpitha Holla of Me-ing! Thanks girl! I am truly flattered :-)

So she has tagged me to answer her 7 questions. Here goes! 

1) Which is your favorite "Lays" flavour?  
Cream and Onion. Yum!

2) Which is the one place you would love to go but have not been there as yet? 
Tooo manyyy! I actually wrote an entire post on this! But if someone is pointing a gun at me and asking me to choose JUST one then it would be Hawaii.

3) Which is the one color you hate?

4) Given an option to rescue a wooden log or a wooden plank which one would you rescue? 
Wooden plank

5) Why did you rescue whichever you rescued? 
Because I would guess that more amount of work and effort has gone into the wooden plank than the log and I wouldn’t want all that be wasted.  

(BTW I found this question puzzling! Could you please explain what made you come up with this one?!)

6) Dogs or cats? 

7) Which is the one gadget which you would like to own which you don't already have? 
Again only ONE!?! Not fair! Hmm okay as long as I am wishing let me wish for... A fully equipped robot to do alll my household chores!


  1. yeah me too a robot for household chores!
    congrats on the award

    u no like brown?? aah! :((
    i noticed i started liking brown because of the outfits in shades of brown used to suit my skin & once i ended up having lots of things in brown

  2. i just wanted to create 7 questions.. ther is no reason behind it.. as for the lays flavor.. m doing a survey kinda thing.. will be puttin abt tht in my blog sometime.. :)

  3. Congrats and good to know about you Anne...:) Thanks to Arpitha...:)

  4. @Arpitha: Interesting!
    @Saru: Thanks and congrats to you too dear :-)

  5. @Sujatha: I was wondering whtz up with the question marks and then only realized that I hadn't replied to u! So sorry! My mistake :-(

    Thanks for ur wishes! It's not that I hate brown but it is probably one of my least fav colors. For the opposite reason - it doesn't suit my complexion!


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