Monday, October 17, 2011

The 10 Day ‘You’ Challenge: Day 6 – Six Places

 I have dedicated an entire post to the places that have fascinated me. But still keeping to the spirit of this challenge, here I go again!

My School: Image Source - The Hindu
Chennai: = Home. No place like home right? Chennai is where I was born and brought up. The hospital where I was born, the school where I studied, the college that I went to, the church where I got married,  the airport which fills me with gladness whenever my flight touchdowns on the runway – everything is there in Chennai. This is the place where I grew up and I am so glad that my husband is also a Chennaite. Chennai has seen me through lots of ups and downs, successes and failures, heartbreaks and euphoria, laughter and tears. I am not a fanatic and I don’t claim that Chennai is perfect. It has a lot of drawbacks but then which place doesn’t? Afterall you don’t love something/somebody because they/it is perfect. Love is choosing to see beyond all imperfections, isn’t it? That’s Chennai to me.
Burj Khalifa: The World's Tallest (So Far!) Building
UAE: The very first “foreign” place I set foot on, not knowing that one day I would come to live here. I am still getting used to the sand and incredible heat! But this is where my husband and I really started life as a married couple and almost all the memories of my married life are here. So in that sense, it is indeed special to me.

Blue! Blue! Blue!@Rhode Island

Rhode Island: I think this is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

On a gloomy day@Chester!
Chester: this tiny little English city was the very first place where I lived all by myself. Looking back I really don’t know how I managed! I never even used to go for a coffee by myself till then – and then bang! All of a sudden I was living in a home alone, commuting to work alone and managing everything alone! I neither had internet nor had TV for several months. But I hardly ever felt homesick. It all seemed like a daring adventure to me and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I guess Chester was the place which gave me the confidence and the assurance that I can depend on myself.

Image Source: HawaiiGuide
Hawaii: My dream holiday spot. Hopefully will make it someday!

My Imaginary Place: A cozy little cottage, surrounded by fragrant and colourful rose bushes, perched on a small hillock, in the sun-dappled shade of rustling tress. The verdant slopes gradually give way to a gently lapping, sparkling ocean, which stretches as far as the eye can see, meeting an azure blue sky studded with little white, cottony clouds. I don’t know where this place is. If you do, you will tell me, won’t you?


  1. Liked your imaginary spot.. :)
    BTW i got "gone with the wind" E-book.. m reading it next.. :)

  2. Sucha down-to-earth wishlist you have, Madame:)

    And your imaginary place sounds just about perfect:D

  3. Great pick again and RI is really beautiful:)

  4. @Arpitha: Cool! Let me know how you like it!

    @PeeVee: Welcome to my blog :-)

    @Saru: :-)

  5. you know when a place doesn't make you feel homesick - it must be an awesome place to live in,magical because its rare

  6. The imaginary place is cool :) hope you find it sometime :)

  7. @Sujatha: Yes definitely. But to an extent it also depends on us I think. If we are willing to let go and free our mind and be open to new experiences - then surely we won't feel too homesick :-)

    @India's No.1 Blog: Welcome to Abstract Admissions :-)

  8. Nice CHoices. Everything comes only next to Chennai :)

    I did read about the other places that fascinates you, and your Imaginary Place, I'm looking for it too :)

  9. Nice CHoices. Everything comes only next to Chennai :)

    I did read about the other places that fascinates you, and your Imaginary Place, I'm looking for it too :)

  10. @Ash: Yes def! Sorgamae endralum athu nammooru polaaguma ;-)


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