Thursday, August 25, 2011

Doomed To Die

Everyone is aware of female infanticide. But even as social activists are fighting hard to eliminate this evil, of late a spate of baby killings of a different kind is being reported in the UAE, Read by guest post over at the Women's Web Blog here.

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  1. d thing dat comes to my mind everytime i read such stories is "HOW CAN THEY?"
    so inhuman its shocking

  2. @Sujatha: You mean the women? As I have said, that was my first reaction too. But again, caught in a deadlock, do they really have a choice? It is simply a question of survival.

  3. the men who abuse for gain, for pleasure, for temporary satisfaction, for the false sense of momentary victory.... n then leave the woman n child to their fate...n d woman thrown into a life of further poverty/shame ....n d child growin in a dustbin/slum/road.....its heinous

    sometimes i just think y cant they go "somewhere" n just "pay" n "do it" instead of ruining two lives?! i know its irrational but all angry outbursts are such, arent they

  4. @Yep agreed. But then again prostitution is also banned in the UAE (although it does exist unofficially)
    And I just came to know today, that adoption is also not possible for babies abandoned in the UAE!! They just have to be under foster care or orphanages. Terrible!

  5. Anne,
    Firstly, thanks for visiting my blog.

    This topic got me feeling very sad. I never knew that in UAE, kids are not allowed to be adopted. And left forever in foster care. So sad :(

  6. @Kiran: Yes it is heart-breaking to realize that such apathy exists all around us. I too came to know about adoption in the UAE today only from this news article
    I find it totally unreasonable.


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