Friday, August 12, 2011

TGIF #4: My First Blog Award!

It is said that Archimedes got a brilliant brainwave, while stepping into his bath and promptly went running around the streets, shouting ‘Eureka!” to one and all. I know that some people get their bright ideas while sitting on the potty. I get mine (ideas, not potty) when I am drifting in a semi-conscious state, wavering between sleep and wakefulness. Now, this of course means that by the next morning when I wake up, I would have forgotten half of the ideas that I had thought up, thus depriving this world of potentially huge and path-breaking intellectual insights. (Ahem! Ahem!)

Anyway so last night, there I was, snuggled up in my cozy bed, listening to my husband’s snores, thinking about what to write today for the TGIF feature. I could envision a couple of nice ideas and so fell into a deep and satisfied slumber. Today, I sharpened my pencils (Ok Ok! Can’t I just use a figure of speech?! )and when I opened up my blog to write a post, what do I see? A comment from Sujatha. Ta-Da! Abstract Admissions has won it’s very first blog award folks!

Now if I don’t thank God and Sujatha and the wonderful blogging community out here, wouldn’t that just be an unforgivable crime?! So thanks a bunch Sujatha for your generosity in giving me this award as well as for your fantastic blog, which makes for some very interesting reading!

Also, give yourself a small pat on the back, dear readers and followers, coz now you have solid (well actually virtual)proof that you have not wasted your time, but have rather been reading one lovely blog indeed!

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  1. Hello Anne,

    Nice blog you have, I was checking out all the blogs who got an award from Sujatha, and came across your's as well...congrats on your award...and love your blog too..keep up the good work !

  2. Congratulations and Celebrations...:)

  3. Thanks Anjali and Saru! And congratulations to u ladies too :-)

  4. Loved reading this post:)) *smiles*

    It was tht award tht brought me here too...Great Going!

  5. Thanks anna! Where have u been?!? My blog has been missing ur comments ;-)

  6. ur writing is so effortless Anne.

    "husband's snores" ohhh :(( same problem here too hahah. sathya's friends tease him saying it's like a motor/engine being turned on & left thru d night!! a few have congratulated me for surviving d many nights!

  7. Not as much as the flow of ideas that you seem to have Sujatha!

    Poor u! I can so empathize! My husband has a deviated septum nose-so I guess he can't help it. Good that my dad was also a big time snorer;I got used to it. Otherwise we probably would be sleeping in separate rooms or something! lol!

  8. Yay! Congratulations :).

    Phew finally caught up with all ur posts ;)

  9. @Neeru: Thanks gal!
    Yes u've been missing in action for quite some time!!


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