Friday, August 26, 2011

TGIF #5: Capable Of Doing Many Things Competently Makes Me?

 It seems August is my lucky month! Won 2 competitions – one where I work and one about which I wrote here. Not only that, my blog has won 2 awards too! Isn’t that awesome?! I don’t know if Sunil noticed all my bragging when I won my first blog award but he was brave enough to give me the second one! It is great to know that he thinks I am a versatile blogger! So for this 'Thank God Its Friday Feature', my thanks goes to Sunil – am so flattered :-)

Actually Sunil sent this award my way a few days back but unlike my first award this one entitled me to do some work! So lazy me is putting it up only now ;-)

So for the first part of the award, I am supposed to say 7 facts about me. I have already blabbered a whole lot about me on this blog, but still due to popular demand (hehe!) here goes:

(1) I was born prematurely. I was soooo impatient to stay in my mummy’s tummy that I popped out in 7 months flat. So when I was born it seems that the docs gave me only 50% chance of survival. But I guess I decided that there was no getting rid of me so quickly and managed to hold on with my itty-bitty fingers! I am proud of the fighting spirit that I had ;-)

(2) Continuing from the above point- I still am a very impatient person. I can’t bear to wait, I want everything now! And I fight a lot too!

(3) I hate over-possessiveness in any kind of relationship. I find it stifling and restrictive. Some people seem to think that a person is overly possessive of you because they love and care for you a lot. Sorry, but I disagree. I think that it simply means that they are insecure and have an inferiority complex.

(4) I love to write and sometimes it seems as if I just can’t stop writing. Ideas and words keep flowing non-stop that I don’t even have the time to jot everything down. And yet at times, I can think of absolutely nothing to write about. In fact that is why I even wrote about nothing here.

(5) I cook quite well (if I may say so) and I find it mildly annoying that many people are quite surprised about this. I can’t see why people should be surprised about that and I detest lame jokes like “Oh what can you cook well? Hot water?” Seriously? Not funny. Do I look like somebody who can’t cook or what??!

(6) While on the topic of food, my all-time favourite dish is hot and spicy Chicken 65. It sounds totally uncool, I have no idea about its origins and I don’t even know if it is available in other parts of India. In case you want more info, check out this mad video! Laugh but please don’t curse me!

(7) I prefer British English to American English. I try to write in British English but sometimes I muddle up both of them.

Was that some interesting trivia about me? So now moving onto the second part of the award. Although I have been blogging for 3.6 years I joined blogging networks only a couple of months back. So I am relatively new to blog-networking and it looks like most of the people I read have already won gazillion well-deserved awards! So after a lot of research, here are some of the blogs which I feel should be awarded 'The Versatile Blogger' *Drumroll*:

Namrata Mahalingam from Complicated Life. I think her posts are so simply, yet refreshing.
Ashwini from Just The Way I Like: Her posts make me laugh and she is a fellow Chennaite! No no I am not biased-it is just that she writes a lot about things that happen in Chennai and so I can relate so well with it!
Arpitha from Me-ing: I love her "don't give a damn!" attitude. One spunky gal!

I am still discovering more and more interesting blogs and surely this list will keep growing. I also notice that my list has only women. Well, I just can't help it! I like reading women's blogs, sorry guys! So for now, this is it and I hope that all you 3 lovely ladies will accept this award and keep the tradition going :-)


  1. congratulations! Aug is really ur month :)

    born 7 months? ur spirit - fighting on to live

  2. Thanks Sujatha! Yep-so I blame all my physical weaknesses on that ;-)

  3. Ohh My.. Oh My My...

    I read your post.. Loved it.. but then saw Mr. Wilbur's video.. and forgot everything I had read... I also think I dont remember anything I have done yet in my life..till I saw the video.

    Its a new birth for me.. Thanku Thanku...

    P.S. - I am a big fan of Chicken 65 (the dish, not the song)

  4. Awww... Thanks for tagging me Anne :)

  5. I so prefer English to American English....wanna would never sound as good as wish to, or would like to.

  6. i like british english tooo.. :)i try to spk in it..

    nd thanks a lot for the award nd the tag.. :)
    will get to it soon.. :)

    p.s: I loved ur "About Me".. :)

  7. @Shrijeet: lol! I'm glad I introduced you to the magic of Mr.Wilbur ;-)

    @Namrata: Ur welcome!

    @Chintan: Exactly!

    @Arpitha: Ur welcome and thank ye :-)

  8. Thank you so much for tagging me Anne.:)It means so much to me. Did not know you enjoyed my blogs, to the extent that you considered I was worthy enough to be Tagged "A Versatile Blogger". Thank you so much. I don't know If i would receive any such Awards, But I'm considering this as my First Award. Thank you so much :)

  9. @Ash: Ur welcome and of course u deserve it :-)

  10. we have one thing on common-born prematurely;)

    first time here....

    like it...:)

  11. @Broca: So ur Arpitha's cousin huh? Thanks for dropping by and for your kind comment!

  12. Hmmm.. :) Good to know about the facts about you.. :) Liked the way you wrote the first fact..:) And chicken-65, well I shouldn't think about it coz we are not suppose to have non-veg till Ganesh-Chaturti.. :( 1 more week and I should order that dish first ;)

    And as far as the award is concerned, well I can only say - you deserved it :)


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