Wednesday, August 17, 2011

To Have And To Hold

Unsure, hesitant and apprehensive,
I stepped into the crowd.
A sea of humanity,
Chattering, noisy and quite loud.

Standing by myself, I observed,
The circus and drama all around.
A tap on my shoulder made me turn,
A smiling face it seems I had found.

Years have gone by since that first day,
And yet it feels so fresh and new.
When someone speaks of a 'forever friend'
You see, I always think of you.

Laughter and tears,
We’ve seen it all.
You’ve been there when I rejoiced,
I know, you’ll be there when I fall.

When Life pulls me down,
Everything seems simply impossible.
But then I think of our friendship,
And suddenly, even hope seems plausible.

People may come,
And people may go.
But you my dear friend, are here to stay,
Without a doubt, forever more.

- Anne John

Image Courtesy: Dreamstime


  1. sure yes- friends are forever
    be wherever.
    nice post a fortnight after friendship day huh.

  2. Haha! Ya I don't do things when everyone else are doing it!

  3. I'm speechless, superb quality, wish could write like it and third paragraph awesome:)

  4. @Saru: I was kinda in a horrible mood-ur comment made my day :-)

  5. Thanks u so much Christy. I'm glad u liked it :-)

  6. lovely lines...beautifully crafted words!

  7. Thanks Kalyan! Happy to know that it appealed to you :-)

  8. Awesome writing. Luving every word, every letter and every punctuation you've used. :)

  9. @Ash: Whoa! That's a whole load of comments! Romba nandri :-)


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