Wednesday, August 17, 2011

If Only Life Had A Rewind Button

Have you ever felt that way? I have. Lots of times! I know that there are a blessed few who live with absolutely no regrets. Then there are others who fool themselves into thinking that they have no regrets. Unfortunately, I don’t fall into either of the two above mentioned categories. I accept that in my moderately short life so far, I do have a handful of instances which, if given a chance, I would like to change.

Does this sound interesting? Head over to Janhvi's Thoughtful Thoughts to read my guest post over there! Have fun!

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  1. Will surely do that as it looks very interesting...:)

  2. A thoughtful thought Anne...
    Of course, every incident in our lives serves to teach us something and to transform us gradually, a little by little; whether for the better or for the worse, it is up to us to choose. What did I learn from the above?...From the second incident I learnt to trust my instincts. No matter what other people say, even if they say it in your best interests, it is important that you don’t shut out the quiet little inner voice inside you. Listen to that.

  3. Again, Nice Idea.
    Everyone you ask, will definitely say they wanted to go back to one specific part of their lives, to do something which they may have missed. Although,Looking back at the opportunities which we missed, at least from the present,we can make sure that we do all that we want to accomplish, irrespective of the magnitude of task, so that we never have regrets in life
    Very nicely written :)

  4. @Ash: Yes the only way to go is forward :-)


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