Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Wishlist # 3: Write A Book

Contemporary Indian writers in English are slowly changing the face of Indian English literature. Nowadays there are more and more books being published which are written, keeping in mind the average, educated and normal Indian that one happens to meet during the course of our everyday lives. Writers like Chetan Bhagat are said to have introduced many young Indians to reading itself. Tastes and choices have changed. Flowery prose and high-brow language are clearly not reaching the masses. Although those with a love of literature, myself included, do enjoy reading the classics and deep literary works of world renowned authors, I think that books with correct but simple language and with stories/incidents that everyone can connect with and relate to are what many people are looking out for. Whether this is for the good or bad one cannot say; but what one can say with a reasonable amount of confidence is, if you have an interesting story to tell and a fairly good way to tell it, there are people out there who are willing to listen to you.

I think that there is a secret, aspiring writer lurking behind every original blogger. Atleast there is one inside me - has been for a long time. There are new writers getting published almost everyday. I know that I could possibly self-publish, but come on! I am talented – I can find a publisher, what say ;-) Anyone interested? I’ll guarantee that I can probably nag and push and threaten and bully a minimum of 10 people to buy it! And after I sell all those books and become rich and famous, my husband will take early retirement and we will go and live at a charming little seaside cottage, happily ever after! (Although I do have my doubts about the happily ever after part. Oh well, we’ll deal with that later!)

I have no idea about what I will write but someday I will. And when I eventually do, you people out there, you better buy my book!

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  1. i second you there - new indian writers are changing the literary scene, addressing d educated ones & bringing them bak to reading.

    ur fantasy (getting published) truly wish it comes true.

    consider one of ur books sold :)) u can count on me on dat

  2. Thanks Sujatha! Will keep that in mind - in fact, you will even get an author signed copy ;-)

  3. i'll be the 1st to buy ur book when ur dream is realized :-to)

  4. Good luck! I'll be another of your loyal readers :)

  5. Thanks Neeraja :-)
    I have a feeling tht someday you will probably write one too ;-)

  6. Great to read about your ambition to write books given your talent it is going to be soon

  7. Thanks for the support Maama :-)

  8. Yes, even I have this secret fantasy to write a book. And Of course, I'll definitely be one among the first few to get hold of your books, when they're out.
    Good luck :)

  9. @Ash: U know usually when a book is published, they would have published what other authors are saying about it na? Maybe we will do a swap praise!! What say!? haha!


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