Monday, August 29, 2011

Smitten By Saris!

Do you like saris? I think that this quintessential Indian attire is one of the most sensual and feminine outfits for women. Although they can be pretty daunting for someone who isn't used to it much, who can refuse that an elegant sari adds to the beauty of a woman?

If your an Indian, chances are that you might have stepped atleast once into a Nalli showroom, while on your sari-hunting trips. How has this reputable company evolved over the years and what are it's plans for the future? Meet Lavanya Nalli, President of the Nalli Group as she shares her vision and mission with us! Read my interesting interview with her at Women's Web over here!


  1. Saris give us the elegant and refined look, in the Traditional environment. And I like to wear saris for special occasions, thanks to My Sister who got married recently, after that entire day at Kancheepuram, shopping for the Pattu Saris, I'm completely smitten by them ;)
    Nice Interview with Ms Lavanya Nalli. Looking forward to shopping in Nalli Next.

  2. I shopped for my wedding saris at Kancheepuram too! Waiting for my next trip to India to do more sari (and other!) shopping!

  3. Don't know if I can comment on this.. Anyway, I think it is nice... I like it when my wife wears Saree... :) It gives adds something special which doesn't come in other attires...

    But it is painful when it comes to Saree Shopping.. It take hours & hours for one Saree!!

  4. @Sunil: Lol! Actually all women related shopping takes long na? Not just saris! I much prefer going dress hunting either by myself or with my girl friends - men are so impatient when it comes to shopping ;-)

  5. hey u really have a cool job! meeting all these interesting people from diverse fields. envy u :)

    saris - ya true. d thing dat really make a sari attractive is the humble & often ignored blouse (the cut n look)!

  6. @Sujatha: Hehe! Thanks! I was stuck in a boring job for 4 long years-so this one feels like heaven :-)

    Yes ur right-the blouse plays a major role. And finding the perfect tailor to consistently stitch perfect blouses - that is one very difficult task!

  7. I concur with Sujatha! Love your job :D

    I've only worn saris perhaps 5-6 times thus far. I am still struggling with the pleats! hahaha!!

    Sari's are so elegant and I usually wear one if a) I am forced too b) in a very extremely, important function :D

  8. Thanks Kiran!

    I used to be pretty clumsy and trip all the time when in a sari till very recently. My eternal fear was that the whole thing would unravel in the middle of nowhere - so there used to be loads of safety pins all around me that would put a pincushion to shame! lol! I've only just started getting the hang of them - although I do like them a lot!
    I too wear them mostly only for special occasions or sometimes on a sudden whim :-)

  9. Saris are very interesting garments in the sense that they can make you dignified or sexy depending on the way you drape them. I would have liked to say that they are very Indian in their cultural identity but for the fact that Bangladeshi women also wear saries and some of the best saries like the Dhakai Jamdani comes from there. A sari is like a challenge to a designer coz there is little they can do with it without making it look wierd. Zandra Rhodes tried it and failed miserably!. BTW it is a nice blog that you have here!

  10. Thanks for dropping by and for your kind comment Meera :-)

  11. I dont think there is any other dress in the world, that can accentuate feminity the way a Sari does!

  12. @Ketan: Nice to hear that :-)


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